2012.11.02(Fri):Topical news
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The major company of Japan is in pain.

Did the cause miss the flow in the world in the global historical backdrop?

Panasonic which added up the greatest ever deficit of 772,100 million yen by book-closing on March 31 in 2012.

While depression continues, the evil of having so far enforced a lot of restructuring has also arisen.

"It is said that there is also a company which takes out the remuneration of ten income tax years which work for Japan in three years.

The technology of a lithium ion battery over there progresses at a stretch."

Seiichiro Sano (Panasonic permanent auditor) who served as the president of the last of SANYO Electric has told the writer like this at the president days of sanyo.

It is a talk of a "market price" in case a Japanese engineer is lured by South Korean makers and China makers including Samsung.

Another former management supplements.

"It seems that it carried out to the South Korean maker fairly in the lithium ion battery also from sanyo and Panasonic which have been the biggest manufacturer for years.

The severe world immediately returned if it cannot use although it was good conditions of 100 million yen in general in three years.

However, because technology has caught up, there are few scouts these days."

A lithium ion battery is a core of an electric vehicle (EV).

It is used also for a notebook PC or a cellular phone.

Although Japan is the typical high technology which leads the world, violent catching up is received from South Korea and the Chinese company.

Japan allowed the South Korean vigor the inversion with DRAM of a semiconductor, and the liquid crystal panel for "20 lost years."

It is known well that a talented-people outflow serves as the backdrop.

Especially sanyo with the technology which was excellent in the lithium ion battery were aimed at.

The former employee of the baby boomers who had Mitsuhiro downsized tells.

"Mitsuhiro and Panasonic carried out a lot of restructuring from poor business.

Therefore, loyalty fades and it came to change its employment to the Hui Hui South Korean companies.

The engineer of the acquaintance also changed his employment."

Now, Samsung SDI closed in upon Panasonic which took in Mitsuhiro, and it has come out of the share to arms by small noncommercial uses, such as a notebook PC, especially at the budget-prices offensive.

By the technology and the sales strategy of the lithium ion battery, it has been a subject of present Panasonic how an overseas player is abandoned.