2011.04.20(Wed):News to worry
The flowering of cherry blossoms to which it looks forward ends with surprising swiftness, too and it has become a cherry tree about to bloom completely now.

It blooms rapidly like cherry blossoms, it scatters, and an old Kamikaze attack corps is reminiscent somehow. turning over ・・・


World War II that started from reckless driving of the military (Pacific War)

If the directionality of Japan did not become strange from the thing that Japan broke Baltic Fleet in Russia from this war by the Battle of Tsushima for a long time before a little, it thinks personally.

It becomes impossible 0 expression fighter said that it is the strongest in the world is researched by the fighting country, and to attach and to win at that time.

Naturally, the system of mass production was not able to be done though Japan also restyled and it opposed it because anyway, there was no [nimo] resource.

.."Let's meet in Yasukuni".. young person in the password is killed one after another and there is present Japan.

Whenever cherry blossoms are seen, I see the appearance that cherry blossoms scatter with the young person who scattered in the war coming in succession.

The district that exists in the earthquake in an unprecedented great earthquake and the nuclear accident is a state in Japan after the bombing now.

It offers a silent prayer to the death in the war, and the death due to the earthquake. 。