2011.08.10(Wed):News to worry
Good evening.

It is a sense that the climate of Japan has already become near the tropics, too.

The downpour falls suddenly when thinking that it is feeling dizzy hot.

It is like ..squall.. ..filling.. [i].

The topic is "Stock complete down and appreciation of the yen by the thing that an American each putting falls are problems. "

To go to foreign countries to play by the travel, appreciation of the yen has a profitable feeling.

Reversely the profit is hour by hour lost and it goes in the export industrial world.

Stock prices fell further immediately after that when President Obama made a speech on stock down.

The confidence of the dollar as the universal currency might already be lost, too.

The foot is entered feeling in the marsh spiral ..previous.. not seen.

The price hike in various fields waits in Japan, and a bright topic is not found.

It grumbles alone tonight, and the relieving frustration (#^.^#).