2012.02.14(Tue):Neighborhood gossip
It is St Valentine's Day today.
Would you like to get chocolate from such beauty woman announcer ^^

パンチラ = the act which shows panties purposely

ミニスカ = miniskirt

すんげ- = it is uncanny.

すぽると=すぽると =TV program name

is an originator, by the musicIt is reported that intentional パンチラ is in fashion on the woman announcer community with the report which the enlarged special issue (Japanese journal publication) entitled "popular woman announcer's "パンチラ" boom" on "weekly true story" February 16.
It is supposed that the Takeuchi yoshie(26) of TV Asahi al program "music station" which she takes charge of, パンチラs are fired in rapid succession, so that it is unnatural, and on a network, it is said that the another name "パンチラ Takeuchi" is also attached.


It is that skirt length is [ in which the Takeuchi announcer is wearing ミニスカ of thigh full open like each time in the program ] also actually shorter than idols, such as AKB48.

It is "すんげ-from a televiewer. The opinion the leg " which seems to be nice, "Tamori having also followed the thigh by the eye in the inner part of sunglasses", and whether "whether for a popular music show to also be done like this and it to have come to earn viewership" is going up.

Only by the appearance, survival is severe, and as long as there is no confidence in intellect or chairman's arm very much, attaining differentiation of the world of the woman announcer for whom only beauties gather in sexiness is only lost.

Even if whether intentional パンチラ is a boom sets aside, it is a fact that the woman announcer who talent-ized wore clothes with the greatly open ミニスカ and breast of sexy talent outshining more often.

Helene Hayama (29) of Nippon Television known for An extreme large breast
, woman announcer Pleasant invigoration , is famous for wearing provocative clothes not to mention it hid the big breast, as if it appealed to the male televiewer.

the information program which acts as a main chairman -- " -- shapely -- !!. " -- clothes are bared because of too large a breast, and the valley of a brassiere and a breast has become acting as Daiei in the living room.

One of the woman announcer with whom the ace and Yuko Aoki of TBS (29) also delight a televiewer's eyes with sexy clothes.

ミニスカ where trousers are likely to appear was vomited very well as it was standing, and erotic い色気 is scattered rather than poor sexy talent, such as also saying cooly the indecent topics of "having a sex per year 300 times", and removing them.

Tanaka who the attitude of Yabe did not clarify, being called Ninety Nine and Hiroyuki Yabe (40), and marriage nearness, but went abruptly up by the priggish cutie character in respect of popular -- everybody -- being pushed on a fruit -- mind -- probably, the comeback of a status is aimed at with indecent-topics & sexy clothes, because it is clever.

A former idol's Fuji Television and Rio Hirai (29) are artifice house types which make a male a captive by the sex appeal of which it made a show naturally.

"すぽると! " -- etc. -- Hirai who took charge and has established the status as a sportscaster -- but -- the wear rate of ミニスカ -- the office -- top class.

There are not few men who are viewing and listening to the program for Hirai's ミニスカ guide.
It was like [ which wears ミニスカ to the extent that panties are likely to appear from a triangle of land at the interview to pitcher Saitama Seibu Lions and Yusei Kikuchi of about two years ago (20), and is exposed to criticism from a female televiewer saying "it is not suitable in clothes" ].

in broadcast the other day, it was inaugurated as the head coach of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars -- former -- "すぽると!" of it being impressed by reunion with a" commentator (53), Mr. Yutaka Takagi, shedding tears suddenly, and making arboreal vegetation into デレデレ -- for the first time in [ the father murder "] -- exertion.

There is criticism of "passing with a bruise" and she will use sexiness and a priggish cutie character as arms from now on also.

as [ catch a weasel asleep / because woman announcer's talent-ization progressed / as well as the entertainment world ] -- severe


2011.04.13(Wed):Neighborhood gossip
It is Wednesday, April 13 today.

I think that the Kansai west perhaps, is the substantial change and either enjoys the day when it cleared up.

The professional baseball of Japan began yesterday.

I am a Kyojin fan.

When it is the first time to do the opening game in the provinces, it does and it does by being.

The result is ♪ that Kyojin won.

Hanshin and Yokohama in Central League seem respectively ..opening game.. to have won.

It becomes feelings glad when actually beginning though it became a problem a little whether to make the beginning day when.

I like watching baseball and volleyball.

There was a yearning because sports who me were "Kendo", too.

The nail mark of a East Japan great earthquake doesn't disappear still, and not be doubted because it is believed that it revives without fail and it leads to prosperity more than now though is Japan the processing of the accident of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in which it takes time.

Japan that works hard.